With ParlaBox, powered by Datelo and LeadingQuest, we keep things simple while providing your business the competitive edge and focus minus the expense of investing in unnecessary PBX server. Our Hosted ParlaBox System can accommodate all kinds of business organizations, from small to medium-sized businesses to much larger enterprises. With Hosted ParlaBox, we guarantee lower operating cost and increased productivity.

Our system helps facilitate your business in house or remotely, while eliminating upfront expenses brought by implementing a VoIP phone system or solution. Hosted ParlaBox secures your communications off-site and on-site, especially in events such as disasters and calamities, keeping systems up and running, you directing focus on your business instead of your phone system.

With no complex hardware and 100% web-based app for configuration and maintenance, managing your phone systems comes with so much ease. Plus, you can access your phone system from anymore without additional cost. Depending on your business needs, you can choose between a Virtual PBX system or a Virtual Call Center.

Learn more about Virtual PBX or download the brochure

And because we are committed to provide a rich ecosystem for ParlaBox PBX Software, you can also submit requests for custom feature add-ons for a fee. Features can be custom fitted not only to suit specific needs but also your budget.

Click Feature Request link to request for custom feature and follow instructions to create a ticket.

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