Getting Started With ParlaBox

ParlaBox appreciates collaborative development efforts and a license is all that is needed to make an open-source PBX project. You may download ParlaBox PBX Software (Trial) and get yourself started on developing and deploying your own PBX phone system. Should you need assistance, FAQ's and basic installation and configuration instructions are available in our FAQ and Help Topics page FAQ'S & Help Topics. But if you need more help for a bit more complicated concerns and issues, Support-on-Demand and Support Plan technicians and engineers will be able to provide more assistance.

Nonetheless, immersing into true community involvement and collaboration is what makes a great project, and it is important that you get access to the project's activities and community not limited to the sponsoring organization. These are the value that truly fuel a successful project and what keeps the ecosystem alive.

Getting Involved With ParlaBox

ParlaBox appreciates proactive means of solving and correcting software glitches and errors, thus we encourage you to submit Bug Report when you encounter one. The easiest way to get involved is to get your hands dirty by taking a look at our bug report tracker. This tracker is accessible to all portal members.

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