General End-User Guides

Use these instructions by either dialing a phone system numeric code or by using special keys on your phone handset. If available, it may be best to use dedicated phone handset keys as it may be easier.

Answering A Call

Pick up the handset to answer the call.

When answering on speaker-mode, leave the handset down and press the green "Speaker" key to answer the call.

Switching to Hands-free Mode

The "Speaker" key is used to switch to speakerphone/hands-free mode.

When switching from a handset to speaker-mode, press the "Speaker" key to activate speakerphone/hands-free mode, while on a call. You can now hung up the handset can now be hung up without disconnecting the caller. To switch back to handset mode, simply lift up the handset.

Making A Call

Disconnect A Call

Disconnect the receiver to end the call if in handset mode or the red "End Call" key if on speaker-mode, or dial "**" for the In Call Disconnect Code.

Leaving A Voice-mail

Note: These instructions are for leaving a voice-mail without ringing the phone or calling a voice mailbox directly.

Dial a ''*'' and then the person's extension number to directly call their voice mailbox without having their phone ring first (e.g. dial ''*402'' to directly call the voice mailbox of extension 402).

You can also transfer a call directly to someone's voice mailbox. For more instructions, refer to Special Feature Basic Guidelines

Placing A Caller On Hold

Adjust Call or Ringer Volume

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