Our multi-functional cloud-based tool allows integration of various technologies including but not limited to Virtual PBX systems and Call Centers, equipped with multiple features and functionality such as IP telephony, Mail Servers, Fax Servers, Conferences, among many others. These features all come with the standard package of ParlaBox PBX Software (Trial) available for download.

If you need a rather more sophisticated phone system that creates an appeal of a large, well organized corporation, and yet get the chance to deploy the system yourself, the ParlaBox PBX Software Suite Parlabox PBX Software Suite is what you need.

Basic Features of ParlaBox PBX Software:

Other Suite Inclusions:

Our team of specialists and engineers work together to create more valuable features to enrich ParlaBox PBX Software Suite. For add-on functionality, you may also want request for Custom Features to be added to your already feature-rich ParlaBox PBX Software.

So, what are you waiting for ? Enjoy the benefits and the complete functionality of ParlaBox PBX Software. Buy Now!

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